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Qingdao Zhixing Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer. Adhering to the development concept of "Intelligent Manufacturing to Rejuvenating the State" and with the elaborated designing and precise manufacturing, we are committed to the research and production of high-end minimally invasive surgical instruments to create world-class medical devices.

We have been always pursuing the better innovation capabilities and better technology development capacity. Aiming at the concept of "Medical-Industrial Integration" in our research and development progress, we actively cooperating with experts in the fields of spine and joints, and transforming the innovative ideas summarized by their long-term clinical experience into new products. These efforts make it possible for us to create high-end minimally invasive surgical instruments with independent intellectual property rights.

Our instruments are sold worldwide and we sincerely invite you to join us as an agent to introduce our elaborated instrument to your local market. Besides, we also provide OEM service to customers in need.

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