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Based in Watchung, New Jersey, USA, GY Highland Biotech LLC is the sister company of Shaanxi Gaoyuan In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Co., Ltd., an innovative solution researcher and manufacturer of in vitro diagnostics with a growing portfolio in cancer diagnostics. The company has developed its patented Folate Receptor-mediated Detection (FRD™) staining solution, designed to detect precancerous and cancerous lesions on the cervix in real-time, into a platform for cancer diagnosis with continuing R&D investments  to expand its product portfolio into other clinical and research areas.

We also manufacture Magnetic Beads for Nucleic Acid extraction and purification, PCR Kits, and Nucleic Acid Purification Columns that can be customized to your specific needs. 

Our values

We aim to be a leading provider dedicated to women’s healthcare by providing easy-to-use, accurate, affordable, and safe solutions to diagnose precancerous and cancerous lesions. Furthermore, our mission is to ensure the quality of our products and to constantly pursue innovation. 

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