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Based in South Florida, US Ophthalmic has been in business since 1992. We are the leading distributor of high quality ophthalmic and medical equipment in the United States. Having access to cutting-edge technology from all over the world, our loyal relationships with partners and end-consumers inspire us to find and deliver the most reliable products that the marketplace has to offer. 

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Clinics/Medical PracticeCommunity Health ServicesEducationGovernmentHospital PrivateImaging and Radiology CenterLaboratory Agent/Dealer/Distributor
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Healthcare & General ServicesImaging/Diagnostic and TherapyLaboratory/DevicesMedical Equipment/ENTMedical Equipment/Infant CareMedical Equipment/Patient MonitoringMedical Equipment/Surgical Instruments
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Beds,Stretchers,HomecareENT DiagnosticsExamination,Operating TablesGeneral SurgeryHealthcare Providers,Hospitals,Clinics,Public,PrivateOphthalmologyRefractometersRetinoscopes,OphthalmoscopesUltrasound MachinesUnits,Cabinets
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