Hangzhou Zhiwei Information Technology Co. Ltd. is a healthcare technology company specialized in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to cytopathology. 

Since our establishment, we have been committed to revolutionizing conventional medical examinations with AI.We are currently taking a world-leading position in AI-aided bone marrow cell morphology examination, one of the most challenging areas among all morphology exams.

We have introduced the world’s first fully automated bone marrow cell morphology analysis system, Morphogo. This cutting-edge technology can scan millions of cells present in the bone marrow smear at a very high speed with a precision of 200nm by using a proprietary high-speed 2D microscopic cell imaging system, which generates high-resolution digital images of subcellular structures. A convolutional neural network with 27 layers can accurately extract the relevant features and proceed to AI-aided disease diagnosis. 

The successful commercialization of Morphogo promotes a new era for automated, AI-aided, and standardized pathological diagnosis procedures.

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