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Hemera Holding LLC is established in 2016 and is one of the largest Medical and Non-Medical disposable supplier corporations Located in Florida, USA. 

Hemera Holding offers a comprehensive product range, which now includes Disposable Gloves and Non-Gloves segment comprising Face masks, Hand Sanitizers, and other disposables items fulfilling demand in both healthcare and non-healthcare segments. 

At Hemera Holding, we continue to supply high-quality gloves and other Disposable Medical and Non-Medical products at an efficient low cost in line with its time-tested business direction. 

Not content to rest on its laurels, Hemera has set its sights on higher aspirations, which include increasing its domestic and international market share to 15% by year end 2025. 

98% of our gloves consider as AQL 1.5 quality which is the highest quality among the disposable Exam and Industrial gloves. 

Hemera Holding offers its trademarked brands at the highest quality and lowest cost comparing to its competitors.  

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