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RecensMedical's specialty: Precision Cooling Treatment

New Era in Cryotherapy market. 

Now, It is possible to control temperature very precisely as proved protocol for each indication. 

RecensMedical, Inc., a medical device company based in South Korea that is built upon an innovative precision cooling technology for multiple applications in the medical field. We are planning to expand our cryotherapy device business into the US market and are currently looking for a distributor that we could work together with to achieve our business objectives.

Our cryotherapy device is developed to provide therapeutic outcomes based on
controlled cooling with our proprietary precision cooling technology. Currently
in the market, localized cryotherapy devices are limited by the inability to
regulate cooling temperature precisely and instantly. Therefore, the
application distance and time has to be manually adjusted by user in order to
achieve the target therapeutic temperature. Also, the current localized
cryotherapy devices often come in bulky design due to the use of gas cylinder
tanks, which often results in application inconvenience. 

By identifying the needs for quantitative cooling condition, we have developed a precision cryotherapy device that could control the intrinsic temperature of the used
cryogen to achieve the target temperature instantly. Furthermore, its ergonomic and compact handpiece design without the need of gas cylinder tank makes application easier and faster than ever.  

We are looking for a potential partner in the US that could introduce this innovative technology to the US market to further enhance and improve patients' lives.

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