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• Since establishment in May 2019, Geno Implant has launched a number of dental brands including its own brand  

• Geno Implant and established a distribution network focused on overseas exports. 

• Other than implants, we have expanded our sales channel not only in Asia but also in the Middle East and Europe.   • From the date of establishment, the sales have increased by more than 500% and selected as a promising export company in Korea in 2021. 

• For new business areas, establishment and design of smart factory that manufacturing industry should have in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, and start of manufacturing eco-friendly non medicine products To make a leap into the mega trend of the fourth industrial revolution, we established a smart factory in 2020 and the manufacturing of non-medicine products was started.

• With the continuous research on technology, we convert and expand the major production to medical devices and automation equipment that are integrated with ICT technology in 2021.

• As a global medical device specialist, we will do our best to manufacture and supply medicial equipment that contributes to humanity and future. 

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