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We are professional technolongical environmentally-friendly enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of medical sharps containers,needle counter,surgical equipment,respiratory exerciser. We are capable of supplying the design and consultation of complete sets of medical waste packaging containers and medical waste packaging schemes. We have implemented a strict quality management system(QMS) and have FDA 510K, ISO13485 and CE Certification.All our sharps contaniers are manufactured strictly according to related standard of the Ministry of Health have passed EN IOS 23907/BS7320 Test.

As mother company of MAXCON, Primary is a supply chain solution company which has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry of laboratory and medical. We provide high quality of disposable items for laboratory and medical, such as Microscope Slides, Cover Glass, Tips, Centrifuge Tube, Test tube, Cryovial Tube, Urine container, Cassette, Vacuum Tube, Swab, Cervical Brush, Oxygen Mask, PPE products, Blood Lance, Digital Thermometer, Vaginal Speculum, bandages and so on. 

And based on a lot of fundamental hard work as well as persistent pursuit during the initial years, we finally made it and had PRIMARY well distinguished from other suppliers of economical products, and PRIMARY obviously became popular as a symbol of high-quality production.

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