SINOVISION Technologies (Beijing) CO., Ltd.


 Founded in 2012, SINOVISION Technology Co. Ltd. (hereafter SINOVISION) is headquartered inBDA, Beijing, with R&D centers and offices set up in many places around theworld. SINOVISION is dedicated to the innovation of computed tomography.  

SINOVISIONconsists of senior scientists, engineers and other veterans in the medical imaging sector and the core development members have an average of 15 years’ experience, and they have mastered a lot of know-how. By far, the company has obtained over 100 patents and software copyrights, including 70+ invention patents. The company has made remarkable technology breakthroughs in many dimensions including the 76 cm bore and 21 lp/cm high definition image. SINOVISION is dedicated to the multi-specialty development of the CT scanner, making the core CT technology closer to clinical applications, and has achieved great progress in tumor positioning and interventional oncology. Besides, the

independently developed Insight Vision Cloud platform and the sAI imaging

solutions help to advance the application of high-end medical image scanners

and benefit more and more people.  

As per theend of 2020, SINOVISION has made installation in 30+ countries or regions,serving 500+ medical organizations across the world. During the COVID-19 outbreak, SINOVISION has helped tens of top tertiary hospitals including PekingUnion Medical College Hospital—No.1 Hospitals in China, set  

up dedicated CT scanning room for the fever clinic to provide safe and effective

screening and diagnosis of the COVID-19 disease.  

In the future, SINOVISION will CT technology as the core, develop multi-specialty

applications and benefit people’s wellness through technology innovation.  

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