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We are manufacturer of Support Arm for Ventilator Circuit. 

Our support arm moves in a free-stop mechanism. This is a function that stops at the position where it was stopped.

This arm mechanism is patented in United States (No.US 10,238,567 B2) and Japan (No.6581016).

1) The arm moves lightly and smoothly with one hand.

2) It stop and keep at the position where it was moved once and stopped.

3) Even if it is used for a long time, the arm will not hang down and will not break (guaranteed 30,000 times).

4) It reduces the burden on the ventilator operator and improves work efficiency.

5) Approximately 2000 units are sold annually in Japan (including OEM products). It has been evaluated by medical professionals and distributors.

We also manufacture custom made products, OEM products, and any other free-stop arms for other medical devices. 

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