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SCW MEDICATH LTD,founded in 1996 is headquartered in Baolong Industrial Town,Shenzhen.We are a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in production, research and development, and sales of medical catheters and medical consumables.  the company employees more than 600 people in China, with a total plant area of 20,000 square meters, class 10,000 clean room of 5000 square meters.
SCW products are divided into six categories:

anesthesiology & critical care products( CVC catheteter, Hemodialysis Catheterization Kits,Pressure Transducer and Accessories)

Interventional products(PTCA Balloon Catheter, Guidewire, Femoral Introducer Set,Transradial Introducer Set,Hemostasis Valve Set, Balloon Inflation Device)

Medical imaging products(Angiographic Syringes,Connecting tubing)

Obstetrics & gynecology products(Cervical Ripening Balloon,Postpatrum Balloon)

Urology products  (Zebra Guidewire, Drainage Catheter Set,Percutaneous Nephrostomy Set)

Orthopedic products

SCW sell more than 60 different products to 5,000 hospitals in China and exported to more than 80 countries. 

SCW MEDICATH LTD have been granted the certificate of ISO 13485 International Quality Management System, SCW also has obtained CE and EU FSC certificates, as well as individual product registrations in more than 20 countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia,Pakistan,Vietnam.
SCW MEDICATH LTD is invited to major medical exhibitions in China and abroad every year, including MEDICA, ARAB HEALTH, FIME, CMEF.

SCW is closely partnered with a wide specturm of domestic and international medical research institutions, hospital and laboratories.

With skilled development team and cost-effective manufacturing process, SCW offers their products to OEM markets and joined efforts to design and manufacture new device

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