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Liquid biopsy uses the DNA fragments within bodily fluid to track and observe occurrence and progress of diseases. Liquid biopsy is widely used due to the ease of samples collection, which only require withdrawal of blood from patients. It is recognized as one of the promising bio-technology for precision medicine in the field of cancer diagnostics.

Disease-specific mutations and genomic polymorphisms are crucial for precision medicine. Individual variations in genetic information can lead to different susceptibilities to disease and drug efficacy, which makes understanding genomic variations a very important factor in the field of diagnosis and treatment.

Dxome utilizes NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) and Real-Time PCR technologies to provide screening panels and detection kits for various diseases and disorders, which allows careful prediction of each patient’s response personalized diagnosis and treatment to the disorders 

Our mission at Dxome is to develop innovative precision medicine products for targeted solution based on the advanced technology in accordance to the rapidly changing trends in the fields of diagnosis while keeping the products at the highest quality level.

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