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JSK Biomed Inc. is a Bio-Medical company that pursues a young healthy and beautiful life. We becoming a wellness-beauty company leader that pioneers tomorrow based on needleless injection technology. 

Mirajet is the world’s first laser-based needle-free micro-jet system. It allows to control penetration depth and dosage amount which were not possible with existing methods. 

Thus, indications are various from pore, scar, stretchmark to overall skin rejuvenation with applying any kind of liquid type drug such as PDRN, HA, Vitamins, Botulinum Toxin etc. 

Mirajet Intro 

Mirajet DEMO 

Mirajet Information Brochure 

Core Value of Mirajet 

▸Fast and stable treatment 

▸Fine adjustment of penetration depth 

▸Less Pain Control 

▸Compatible with various formulas 

▸Very low injection volume control 

▸ Excellent effect & result  

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