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Greetings from MAJUTECH INC.!

MAJUTECH Inc. was established in 2015, and we are a South Korea-based medical device manufacturer.

We've obtained patents for vein fluoroscopy devices and catheter guide systems.

Our specialty is VEIN VIEWER(which is also known as VEIN FINDER or VEIN SCANNER), and we released our first vein viewer model VeinVu 100 in 2019.

Now we're pleased to announce that our new model VeinVu 200 is coming out soon during the exhibition.

VeinVu 200 is an upgraded version of VeinVu 100 and features better performance.

It illuminates the infra-red ray on the skin surface and visualizes the veins through DLP(Digital Light Processing), colored with a LED light source. 

This can be effectively used for patients with invisible veins like infants, the elderly, long-term patients, the obese, and people with dark skin. 

It is mainly utilized for more rapid intravenous access and getting used in many fields such as neonatology, pediatrics, ambulance, and esthetics. 

Starting with the launch of VeinVu 200, developed with our technology, we aim to become the world's leading manufacturer of intravenous injection devices following the release of safety syringe and guidance systems.

We'll be looking forward to your attention and support on our new product. 

Thanks for your time, and we hope to connect with you soon. 

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