Guangdong Kingfa Sci..& Tech. Co., Ltd.


KINGFAwas established in 1993 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004(stock code:
600143.SH). It is an advanced materialcompany, focusing on R&D, production, sales and serviceof high-performance advanced material.Headquartered in Guangzhou Science City, KINGFA has over 10,000 employees and has R&D and production bases in South Asia, North America, Europe and other oversea regions. It is one of the world's most complete advanced polymer material suppliers.  

KINGFA MEDICAL, an important business segment of KINGFA, focusing on the R&D,production and sales of medical and healthcare products. Relying on the technological
innovation ability of KINGFA in polymer material, KINGFA MEDICAL has established the upstream, midstream and downstream. From the upstream production of melt blown polypropylene raw material, to midstream melt blown Fabric, and to masks, protective clothing and other products downstream, KINGFA has complete control of the integrated industrial chain. 

Additionally, KINGFA MEDICAL has successively developed high-filtration with low respiratory resistance melt blown fabric, high-performance medical & protective masks, nitrile medical examination & civilian protective gloves, isolation gowns, disinfection wipes, Face shields, Goggles and other diverse products.  

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