Central Venous Catheter

Catheters, Tubes

Bioptimal International Pte. Ltd. (Formerly Biosensors International Pte Ltd) · S35


Soft tip is convenient for inserting to measure the central venous pressure. Used for monitoring central venous pressure, venous blood sampling, intravenous administration and infusion. Including a polyurethane radiopaque multi-lumen catheter with blue flex tip and a set of basic introducer kit components. Advantages: 1. Soft Tip: Superior geometric soft tip design makes insertion safe and easy. 2. Polyurethane Material: Special formulated biocompatible polyurethane material, provides strength during insertion, yet softens in body. 3. Catheter Marking: Radiopaque material with clear, definite marking, ensures correct placement of the catheter. 4. Suture Wing and Clamp Fastener: Keep catheter in place thereby reducing the risk of mechanical phlebitis and irritation.
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