Thermodilution Catheter

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Have SAFETYWEDGETM , eliminating the risk of pulmonary artery rupture Mainly used to measure the pressure of pulmonary artery, pulmonary capillary, cardiac output and etc. Including catheter and accessories, the accessories include introducer, guide steel wire, puncture needle, syringe, scalpel, suture wing (optional Safetywedge) etc. Advantages 1. Better Protection from ventricular irritation and arrhythmias 2. Minimizes trauma to vessel wall 3. Resistance to kinking, knotting and looping 4. Minimum resistance to fluid flow 5. Reduced potential risk of thrombus formation 6. Easy catheter lumen identification 7. Easier bubble detection at connection hub 8. Avoid catheter body contamination and flexibility of choices of introducer
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