Emergency Management


The devices of this category provide a line of emergency medical supply and equipment needs of EMS Disposable Resuscitator 1. Elastic material with easy squeezing and well recovery 2. Textured BVM bag for easy holding 3.Finest surface allows reservoir bag to expand easily 4.3 sizes available – Adult, Child and Infant CPR Resuscitator 1.CPR mask is foldable and ready-to-use 2.For use on adult and child both, infant mask is optional 3.High efficiency one-way valve ensures the safe resuscitation and avoid cross contamination 15mm OD connector can be attached to a manual resuscitator Mouth Opener 1.Designed to open patient mouth for emergency rescue purpose 2.Single patient use Peep Valve 1.Available in two types of cmH2O with options for 20mm OD or 30mm ID 2.PC or PSF material provided Reservoir Bag 1.Available in two types of connectors 2.Designed to attach to manual resuscitator system Pressure Infusion Bag (PIB) -A device used to pressurize a bag containing intravenous fluids to increase the infusion rate into the patient. 1.Pole Hanger:Easy and stable placement onto IV pole 2.Fluid Bag Hook:Bag attaches easily to rigid hook . 3.The bag inflates and deflates easily by pressure bulb . 4.Color-coded gauge makes for accurate pressure monitoring (0-300 mHg) 5.Three-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure -Bag volume: 500mL/1,000mL/3,000mL
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