Medical monitor for Clinical Review, Pathology and Endoscopy

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Enhancing work efficiency environment Our clinical review monitors meet DICOM standard, able to display medical images that conventional IT monitors can’t. Reassuring your patients with professional images Doctors are usually explaining the situation to patients while showing their medical images. A medical standard monitor can display clear images which patients can easily understand, giving more trust for your patients. Real color in everywhere Digital pathology has created opportunities not only to the triaging of difficult cases among specialists within an organization, but also enable tele-pathology consultations with external organizations across the world. Confident image Medical grade monitor provides confident images with accurate colors consistently. The pathological diagnosis can be performed rapidly even in an intense situation. Real time image management Response time is important to display moving images perfectly. Viewing live, dynamic images in real time through the monitor enables surgeons to confirm. Life-like perfect color reproduction JVC monitors provide life-like color and detail for endoscopic visualization, which is critical in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. Precise color reproduction with calibration supports doctors to recognize even smaller abnormal structure. Dental class for accurate diagnosis High luminance images can display more details in an illuminated environment without overlook of subtle changes, which patients can easily understand, giving more trust for your patients. Long life time QA test guarantees stable luminance of the monitor to display the optimized images constantly. The waterproof front glass( IPX45) protects the monitor from shocks, scratches and dust. A completely flat surface allows for easy cleaning.
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