Neonatal transport incubator: TI-2200B


Infant incubator + patient monitor for newborns, dedicated to specialists, creating an integrated mode of incubating and monitoring, providing exclusive solutions for NICU, making equipment management more scientific. Incubator module The PID core algorithm is upgrade with PWM technology periodic segmental control, effectively reduces the temperature (air temperature/skin temperature), humidity and oxygen concentration fluctuations in the hood, creating a stable and suitable breeding environment for newborns. Human-machine interaction, convenient for clinical care 1. LCD display: 12.1 inch LCD color touch screen, night mode can be set according to the brightness of the external environment to reduce light stimulation to newborns influences; 90° rotation and left and right slide rail design can be carried out according to clinical needs, which is convenient for medical staff to observe and operate. 2. The inclination angle of the bassinet can be adjusted electrically, and can be displayed on the LCD screen, which is convenient for clinical care; 3. Using variable frequency DC motor, effectively reduce the noise in the hood, and provide a comfortable treatment environment (≤40dB(A)); 4. Large-capacity storage drawers, cables and other accessories can be properly placed in external storage basket; 5. Dovetail shape columns on both sides, easy to install small medical equipment 6. RS-232 connector, support data transmission; 7. The height of the whole unit can be adjusted freely to meet the operation of medical staff of different heights (optional); 8. Built-in weighing system, convenient to measure the weight of neonates and monitor the trend of weight changes (optional).
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