Neonatal incubator on casters YP-2200B


Brief Introduction Dual LCD screen: with 12.1 "LCD color touch screen and5.6" LCD color screen, can be achieved by simple click; Three control modes: Air mode, Baby mode and Parent-child mode; Dovetail shape guiderail to install small medical devices; Humidity and oxygen concentration control: humidity control function and oxygen concentration control function; > 37℃ temperature set function; Electric adjustment: with electronic bassinet tilting mechanism, adjust the angle more gently The height of whole unit can be adjusted; Swivel-opening drawers with large capacity; Double wall hood, automatic air curtain to reduce heat loss and keep the air temperature constant; Independent over-temperature protection system, multiple failure alarm indications to provide multiple safety protection; RS-232 connector to support data transmission; Low noise DC motor; Monitoring function:
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