TraxIt Wearable Axillary Thermometer


Medical Indicators, Inc. · M22


TraxIt® thermometers are a remarkable and innovative solution to temperature monitoring, most widely used in pediatric and long-term care settings - but safe for individuals of all ages! A small sticker utilizing medical grade adhesive is placed under the arm, and provides instantaneous temperature readings for up to 48 hours. TraxIt single-use thermometers feature an innovative chemistry system that offers unsurpassed accuracy and maximum infection control. Through this patented chemistry system, our thermometers are able to provide the most accurate temperate readings available on the market today. They are individually wrapped and intended to be disposed of after use, preventing the spread of COVID-19, colds, germs, the seasonal flu, and a wide range of other illnesses and infections. (Available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius)

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