UBREATH Respiratory Total Solution (Spirometers & Exhalation Analyzer )

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e-LinkCare Meditech Co., Ltd.


UBREATH ® Pro Spirometer System (PF680) measures a subject’s lung function ventilation including both expiratory and inspiration by using Pneumotachograph technology. UBREATH ® Spirometer System (PF280) is a handheld spirometer used to test subject’s lung function, it assists in measuring the effect of lung disease. UBREATH ® Exhalation analyzer (BA200) is a medical device designed & manufactured by e-LinkCare Meditech to associate with both FeNO and FeCO testing to provide rapid, precise, quantitative measurement in order to assist with clinical diagnosis and management such as asthma and other chronic airway inflammations. UBREATH ® Multi-Function Spirometer System (PF810) are used for a variety of lung and respiratory function tests. It measures and tests over all lung function as well as BDT, BPT, Respiratory Muscle Testing, assessment of dosing strategy, pulmonary rehabilitation etc in order to provide a total solution for lung health.
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