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B.Well thermometers are a simple solution to help you manage fever with no stress. Thermometers are accurate and safe and have been designed free of mercury and glass. Suitable for home and professional use. Advantages: • high accurate, safe and convenient; • fast measurement; • modern or childish design; • waterproof; • has a beeper and fever alarm; • memory for measurement; • some types of thermometers are non-contact and can measure the temperature of air, water and objects. There are two types of B.Well thermometers: digital and infrared. The devices are infant-friendly, handy for parents, and comfortable for the whole family. Digital thermometers give a ready result from 10 to 90 seconds (depending on the model), sound a signal when the measurement is complete, automatically switch off saving the battery and are waterproof. Some models have flexible tips for gentle touch. Children's models are made in the form of funny animals or in the form of a pacifier. Infrared thermometers incorporate a wide measurement range feature. The main advantage of infrared thermometers is a fast measurement within a second. It measures the body temperature without touching the skin and therefore does not disturb an infant or an adult. Infrared thermometers can be used to take body, water, room air, etc. temperature. They have a backlit display enables one to see temperature readings even at night. B.Well offers infrared ear and forehead WF-1000 thermometer, non-contact WF-4000 thermometer with an ergonomic design, and WF-5000 thermometer which has a position indicator that helps to find the right distance for an accurate measurement. MED-3000 is a new model. Due to the blue LED indicator, it will help point the correct measurement area, and the trafic light display indicates the temperature level. B.Well thermometers comply with international quality and safety standards. All thermometers performed well during the epidemiological crisis.

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