Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors

B.Well Swiss AG


B.Well blood pressure monitors — affordable devices for monitoring blood pressure and health protection of the whole family. They are accurate, compact, reliable and easy to use. Every device is checked for accuracy 9 times before entering the market and complies with international standards. Advantages: • comfortable measurement and exact results; • arrhythmia indicator; • intellectual measurement systems which automatically inflate the pressure in the cuff to the required level, both at high and low pressures; • washable anatomic cuff for people of any height and weight; • red line on every cuff for properly position over the artery; • simple control; • memory for measurements; • compact and modern design; • 3check technology, traffic light display and sounding of measurement results (in some products). Range of B.Well blood pressure monitors: ● Automatic ● Semi-automatic ● Wrist devices ● Aneroid blood pressure kit. Automatic, semi-automatic and wrist B.Well devices are equipped with an anatomic fan-shape cuff. It fits the hand perfectly, evenly distributes the air inside, does not pinch the hand from above. This is a prerequisite for the measurement to be accurate and painless. The fan-shape cuff is washable. Aneroid blood pressure kits are equipped with a universal rounded shape cuff. It suits most adults and is easy to put on. Recent developments allow our devices not only to correctly measure the pressure, but also to point out the signs of diseases such as hypertension and to identify early symptoms of arrhythmia. B.Well blood pressure monitors are represented by two lines - PRO and MED. PRO devices are easy to use and precise, available for everyone, and use Intellect Classic technology. MED devices have advanced functions to control the health of the whole family, and use Intellect Active and 3check technologies. B.Well blood pressure monitors are designed to provide comfortable and accurate measurements at home, clinics, on trips.

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