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B.Well nebulizers will help you to defeat cough, cold, allergy and other diseases. Inhalation therapy is the most effective method of treating the respiratory tracts. B.Well medical nebulizers and inhaler have proved to be reliable and effective. Design and modification processes involve competent engineers and pulmonologists. Advantages: • internationally approved and comply with an European standard pr - EN 13544-1 for nebulizers, which confirms its effectiveness in the fight against diseases; • nebulizers are a compressor type: a compressor generates a powerful airflow and squirts the liquid out; • nebulizers form particles smaller than 5 microns which can get to the targeted organ in the lower respiratory tract; • the respirable fraction (fraction of expandable particles in aerosol) of B.Well nebulizers is more than 70%; • high speed of spray from 0.4 ml / min contributes to a quick recovery; • low noise; • the different packages include masks (adult, child, infant), mouthpieces and a nasal piece for the treatment of rhinitis and upper respiratory tract. The range of B.Well nebulizers consists of PRO and MED devices. PRO line nebulizers are the professional level of therapy available for every family. MED line nebulizers have advanced functions for treatment. PRO line is represented by PRO-110, PRO-115 nebulizers and PRO-118 steam inhaler. Pro line nebulizers have a modern sprayer that forms an aerosol with a particle size of 3.16 microns which is sprayed at a speed of 0.4 ml / min. PRO-115 is designed especially for children in the form of a train. The PRO-118 steam inhaler is designed to treat upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) and also can be used for beauty procedures (has a cosmetic mask for skin). MED line is represented by MED-120, MED-121 and MED-125 nebulizers. MED line nebulizers have a Family sprayer with additional elements - valves for the sprayer speed control. It regulates the drug flow and suits for patients of different ages

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