Nasopharyngeal airways


Nasopharyngeal airways are used to keep the airway open and can be used with patients who are conscious or semi-conscious. Semi-conscious patients may need an NPA because they are at risk for airway obstruction but cannot have an oral asopharyngeal airway placed due to an intact gag reflex. Main Features 1. ID of the fixed flange nasopharyngeal airway is marked on the flange, to assist with size selection. 2. The flange limits the depth of insertion, so it will not accidentally lose the tube in somebody's airway 3. Atraumatic bevelled tip prevents mucosal injur. 4. The internal surface of the tube is striated longitudinally, which is supposed to enhance the passage of the suction catheter in and out of the tube. 5. Disposable use reduces the risk of contamination. 6. Sizes: ID3.0~9.0 are available.