High Quality hydrophilic coated PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Catheters, Tubes

Princeton Medical Scientific Co., Ltd.


Coronary angioplasty is a common procedure performed using a balloon catheter. This is often done when plaque build-up clogs an artery that leads to the heart. A cardiologist typically uses the device to widen artery walls that are blocked by this plaque. *Application: 1. Intended for balloon dilatation of the stenotic lesion of a coronary artery for the purpose of improving blood flow. 2. Used for stent post-dilatation in the coronary vasculature. *Features: 1.Seamless bonding technology Tip and guidewire seamless bonding enables excellent tracking and avoid fish mouth phenomenon 2.Flexible and soft tip design Quicker and easier to pass the severe stenotic and calcified lesion with the most minimized trauma 3.Precision laser bonding technology Stepless connection of the balloon and catheter provides durable. 4. Multi-folded technology Durable hydrophilic coating and lower entry the profile provides successful crossability for complex lesion
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