Mobile BSL2 & BSL3 Laboratories


Optima Technic manufactures BSL2 and BSL3 protection class mobile laboratories in line with customer request. The entire unit is air-conditioned with a HEPA filtered ventilation system (100% fresh air) at the inlet and outlet. In BSL2 and BSL3 laboratory units, personnel entrance and exit are provided and controlled by Airlock doors. In line with customer request, Airlock doors are controlled with a hand sensor, button, card access, finger reading or password entry. Air flows in the laboratory, airlock and main entrance rooms are controlled by negative pressure.
OPTIMA ELEKTRO HIDROLIK CEVRE TEK. MAK. SAN. TIC. LTD. STIK45Optima Electro Hydraulic Ltd. Co. (Optima Technic) is an experienced engineering company established to supply better and more economical mobile solutions. We design and manufacture various mobile engineering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We aim to deliver high-quality products and services worldwide, on the most economical basis, while caring about the planet we inhabit. Our mobile hospital solutions include Truck or Trailer Based Mobile Covid-19 Isolation Clinic, Mobile Covid-19 Sampling Unit, Mobile Covid-19 Test & Laboratory, Mobile Vaccine Transport Units, Mobile Hospitals, Mobile ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Mobile OR (Operating Room), Mobile OR & ICU, Mobile BSL2 & BSL3 Laboratory, Mobile Field Hospitals, Mobile Dialysis, Mobile Emergency Hospital, Mobile Clinic, Mobile Dental Unit, Mobile Ophthalmology Unit, Mobile Surgery, Mobile Radiology (X-Ray), Mobile CT-Scan, Mobile Accommodation, 10 Bed-20 Bed-50 Bed- 100 Bed Field hospitals and more…. Our mobile military solutions include Truck or Trailer Based Mobile Command & Coordination Center, Mobile Command & Control Unit, Mobile Control Station, and Military Shelters, Military Field Hospital, Armored Mobile Personel Transportation and etc.. Our other mobile commercial solutions include Truck or Trailer Based Mobile Bakery, Mobile Kitchen, Mobile Bakery & Kitchen, Mobile Catering Unit, Mobile Training Unit, Mobile Office, Mobile Cinema, Mobile Kindergarten, Mobile Cold Storage, Mobile Workshop, and Mobile Beauty Center and project based all truck and trailer based solutions.