Nucleic Acid Extraction System SMPE-960

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Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co.,Ltd


Introduction: The nucleic acid extraction system (referred to as "extraction system" below) produced by Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Bioperfectus" below) is an in vitro diagnostic medical device, which integrates cutting-edge mechanical, electronic and software technologies to enable automated extraction of nucleic acids from samples with a modular structure - the equipment can extract nucleic acids from 1-96 samples in three independently operating modules at the same time. Each module consists of 1-32 samples so that samples can be tested upon delivery. Scope of application: The equipment is intended for use with magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction kits for extraction and purification of nucleic acids from clinical samples. Advantages: Test upon delivery: 1-96 samples in three independently operating modules for nucleic acid extraction at the same time High efficiency: 15-45 minutes Better interactive experience: 10.1’’ touch screen, user-friendly software to independently control each module Better contamination control: UV light, ozone-free purifier with dozens of micro-sized high-voltage electrostatic subparts that can capture aerosols containing bacteria Quality commitment: 18 months' warranty period Parameters: Sample Throughput 1-96 Efficiency of Magnetic Bead Recycle ≥98% Plate Type 96-deep-well plate Processing Volume 20μL-1000μL Size (Width × Depth × Height) 600 x 450 x 640mm Weight 57.2kg Reagent Type Extraction reagent with magnetic bead method Mixing Mode Oscillating mixing in a 96-well plate; multiple modes and speeds (> 20 gears) Auxiliary Reagent Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Program Management New build, edit, delete mode programs, free and flexibly edit extraction system Heating Temperature Room temperature to 120℃ Contamination Control The nucleic acid extraction and sample/kit distribution are performed strictly in separate areas. The negative pressure
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