Cmate® Tele-Health Eco-System


This eco-system was created for our clients who possess the foresight in creating a full solution and can be customized to their exact needs. Below is an example of our Eco-system: With the Cmate Non-Invasive All-in-one Health Monitor, users can record their vital signs remotely and the data is uploaded instantly. The data is then sent to the platform’s cloud database where the individual’s condition is automatically assessed by the AI Classifier Engine. These results are sent to the medical institution's monitoring platform, giving medical providers a full grasp of their condition in near real-time and enabling them to determine appropriate next steps, such as notifying the user to see a doctor or issuing an emergency notification. The platform can also provide long-term trend reports of vital signs, enabling physicians to provide accurate treatment and create a personalized health management plan to help users live healthier lives.