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Tianlong developed a variety of nucleic acid extraction kits . The automation-ready easy-to-use kits, used together with Tianlong nucleic acid extractor , can meet the needs for downstream testing in scientific research. The extraction kits series we supply as below : 1. Viral DNA and RNA Extraction Kit ---we have different kits to extract NA from HCV, HCMV,EB and HPV and so on. 2. Plant Tissues Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 3. Animal Tissues Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 4. Bacteria Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 5. Whole Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 6. Dried Blood Spot Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 7. FFPE Genomic DNA Extraction Kit; 8. Free Circulating DNA Extraction Kit; 9. TB-DNA Extraction Kit; 10. Stool DNA/RNA Extraction Kit; 11. Buccal Swabs DNA Extraction Kit ; 12. Amniotic Fluid DNA Extraction Kit; 13. Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit;
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