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Tianlong , has a wide range of real time PCT Detection Kits , and after long period clinical verification, it has advantages such as high sensitivity , enhanced specificity, quick response and easy operation, high sample coverage and low undetected rate, it plays an important role in viral diagnostic. Besides, Tianlong real time PCR detection kit, used cooperatively with Tianlong nucleic acid extractor and PCR detection machine , made great contribution to the prevention and control of various major epidemics such as avian flu, Ebola, MERS, African swine fever and neonatal pneumonia. The PCR Detection kits we supply is as below : 1. Bloodborne Infections Series : such as HBV, HCV, 2. Sexually Transmitted Infections Series : such as CT, NG, UU, HPV 3. Transplantation Infections Series : HSV-2, HCMV, MV/RV 4. Respiratory Infections Series: MP, Zaire, MTB, GBS, MERS 5. Gastrointestinal Infections : Coxsackie A6/A10, Norovirus GI/GII, Enterovirus etc. 6. Heredity: HLA-B27, SMN1/SMN2 ,HLA-B*1502 , 7. Oncology: EBV,Human B-raf ,Human k-ras etc. 8. Tropical Infections & Zoonoses: Hantavirus/Seoul virus, ZiKa virus, Yellow fever virus

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