Skin Stapler OBS CE Marked Medical/Surgical /Disposable/Suturing/35W Skin Stapler and Stapler Remover

General Surgery



Disposable Skin Staplers & Remover Used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds. It has the application in abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic , thoracic surgery and variety of skin closure . Skin Stapler : 1. Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler is a disposable equipment which applies to skin suture during general surgical operation,Cardiothoracic Surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery operation, gynecologic surgery, burn surgery, emergency operation and field rescue. 2. It can be used in operating room, delivery room, emergency department, outpatient surgery, and clinics. 3. Concise and reasonable design, which is easy and convenient to operate. 4. Safe and efficient for surgery, and the needle could be withdrawn fluently and accurately. 5. Smooth and beatiful suture, small and micro healing scar. 6. There's good compatibility with tissues, less inflammatory response. 7. It's easy and convenient to take out the stitches, which will promote wound healing. 8. Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler reduces the patients pain and improves the operation efficiency. 9. Available specifications are 35W, 25W, 15W. Stapler Remover : 1. Removes atraumatically all brands of surgical skin staples 2. Easy to handle making removal simple and safe 3. Available in 2 models A1 and A2 for personal preference 4. Easy to handle, making removal simple and safe.

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