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Anyview P series Patient Monitor Leading Future Medical Technology Powerful | pioneer | practical | Accessible State-of-art medical technology Equipped with brand-new Biolight technology, Anyview P series provides powerful, pioneering, and practical solutions to all high-level clinical departments. Winning product of the world-leading design award P series has won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021. Winning this international design competition means design and function of the P series have fully satisfied the medical equipment standards and are highly recognized by users around the world. Also, it delivers the mission of Biolight which keeps developing medical devices for the benefit of human health. Comprehensive monitoring of all vital organs with professional clinical assistive applications (CAA) Other than the basic vital signs monitoring, Anyview P series offers high-end parameters monitoring and provide the CAA for clinical departments. It allows systematic monitoring for all vital organs of the patients. Unique Drip Monitoring The unique patient monitor with drip monitoring function, which can monitor the drip rate and clamp the infusion tube to stop infusion. It helps the healthcare workers to set the drip rate and gives a safer infusion to the patients. Unique Voice Assistant It assists healthcare workers to command the device by using their voice. It reduces risk of cross contamination as it is easier to maintain aseptic technique by minimizing contact. Also, it reduces the time of operating the machine. Enabling quicker diagnosis and timely treatment.

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