S series multi-parameter patient monitor

Diagnostic Monitors

Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co. Ltd. · D26


S series patient monitor is based on Biolight’s 27 years experience in the design and manufacture of world-class and innovative medical devices, inspired by the needs of the hospital. Concise and ergonomic product design with new software architecture and cutting-edge technology, S series monitor changes the way the medical staff work and meets the clinical demands. Meticulous Design Based On The User Ergonomic appearance is convenient for the users to operate and observe. Portable design with concealed handle High efficient capacitive touch screen with HD visual experience Operate with gestures, easy and simple Integrated full front panel without gaps, easy to clean Humanized Accessory Storage Equipped with the accessory box, the medical staff will be more convenient to store and take out the accessories Various Mounting Solutions Wide range of mounting solutions fit for various clinical needs By pulling the release bolt, our monitor can be quickly removed from the wall mount or trolley for transport.

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