SAVe II+ Ventilator


The SAVe II+ is a completely self-contained, small, lightweight (1,3 kg), rechargeable battery powered device intended to provide controlled, positive pressure ventilation (PPV) to patients over 45 kgs in pre-hospital stage, field hospitals, outpatient environments, hospitals, ICU’s, air or ground transportation. It is a time-cycled pressure-limited volume-targeted ventilator. The SAVe II+ will monitor the patient’s airway pressure and provide alarms for key events such as but not limited to: disconnect, high pressure and device malfunction. The SAVe II+ uses a single-patient-use breathing circuit to connect to the device on one end and to the patient interface on the other end with an industry standard 15/22 mm connector to facilitate connection with an appropriate breathing mask, airway, or tracheal (breathing) tube. Quick selection buttons allow quick selection of appropriate default ventilator settings based on the patient’s height, ranging from 131cm to 192cm. After selecting the patient’s height, pressing the CONFIRM button will start the device in “Ventilation” mode. This “Adult Presets” section is intended to make initial setup minimal. When desired a User may adjust key variables, such as: Respiratory Rate (Breaths Per Minute), Tidal Volume (Milliliters/Breath), Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) [CMH2O], and Peak Inspiratory Pressure limit (CMH2O) in the “User Defined” section of the user interface. In certain situations (like during CPR), the user may desire to control when a breath is delivered. For these situations, the user may switch from “Ventilation” mode to MANUAL / CPR mode for delivering a breath to the patient only after the user has pressed the Manual Trigger button. In addition to delivering ambient air to the patient, the SAVe II+ also accepts supplemental oxygen to increase the FIO2 to the patient.
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