Portable suction device from SSCOR


SSCOR portable Suction devices are perfect for hospital crash carts, patient transport, outdoors, surgi-center backup, long term care facilities... HOSPITAL USE • An AC suction unit, with battery back-up, the Duet provides instant, powerful suction with or without availability of AC power. • When fully charged, the sealed lead acid battery provides 45 minutes of suctioning power giving the needed suction for emergency care procedures. PRE-HOSPITAL USE The SSCOR VX-2 is a lightweight, portable, powerful and tough, battery powered suction unit. It’s powerful enough to meet international standards for portable suction equipment (>30 Lpm airflow and >525mmHg negative pressure). The control panel indicates vacuum level, battery condition, connection to power and lets the user know the pump is running. Charging is controlled for maximum battery life. The PC board protects the battery from deep discharge.
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