ALTA750 CT Tube


The ALTA750 CT tube is specifically designed for use as a form-fit-function replacement tube for the Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems CXB-750D/4A* tube, also known as the Varex Imaging MCS-7078*. The replacement X-ray tube is reloaded into an OEM housing assembly. Each x-ray tube housing assembly has the large and small focal spot measured and meets the OEM specification; each x-ray tube assembly is radiation leak checked and complies with FDA and IEC radiation leakage standards. Richardson Healthcare sells ALTA750 tube housing assembly as part of an X-ray tube installation kit that includes a fully refurbished heat exchanger and a new high voltage cable. The ALTA750 has a prorated 12-month or 200,000 slice count limited warranty, whichever comes first. An ALTA750 Installation Kit includes the following: -ALTA750 X-ray tube reloaded in an OEM housing -X-ray Tube Heat Exchanger -High Voltage Cable -High Voltage Cable Installation Cleaning / Grease Kit *CXB-750D/4A and MCS-7078 are the product names of Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems and Varex Imaging respectively.
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