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Dialysis Machine

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D800 series is a hemodialysis system dedicated to Hemodialysis (HD), Hemofiltration (HF), and Hemodiafiltration (HDF) treatments. Under the development of Biolight, this new type of system has an elegant design, simple operation, powerful function, and more importantly, is the higher dialysis treatment quality. Gigantic Touch Screen 15-inch touch screen provides a perfect visual experience and an easy operation. Neat and Clean Extracorporeal Circuit Neat and well-structured of the extracorporeal circuit achieves the effect of clear indication and easy to clean. Multi-function Heparin Pump Support 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 50ml syringes. Automatic syringe-type check. High Capacity Battery Equip with a 10000mAh battery that can continuously operate up to 30min during power outage. Advanced Therapy Options D800 series offers different models to specialize in various therapy optipons such as, HD, HF, HDF, IUF, Online-HDF, Sequential HD, etc. Large accessory tray D800 equips a large size accessory tray on the back of the screen. Accessories like cables, blood pressure cuff, and oximeter can be easily placed and used on it. 270° angle rotation 270-degree screen rotation satisfies different angles of demand. It is convenient for the medical staff to operate the machine and watch the screen from different directions. 360° sound light alarm Three colors sound light alarm is located on the top of the screen. It will be noticed by the medical personnel no matter on which angle. Ultrapure dialysis Combining with DF210 dialysis fluid filters, the D800 series can minimize the bacteria, endotoxin, and insoluble particle to implement safe and high-efficient ultrapure dialysis treatment.
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