MedComp is proud to launch the Trio-CT™ Triple Lumen Catheter. The Trio-CT™ Triple Lumen Catheter is a short term (less than 30 days) dialysis catheter made of thermosensitive polyurethane (chronoflex). The catheter has three separate lumens. The venous (blue) lumen and arterial (red) lumen may be used for hemodialysis and apheresis treatments. The medial (purple) lumen is independent from the two dialysis lumens, and may be used for intravenous therapy, power injection of contrast media, central venous pressure monitoring, blood draws and infusion of medications. Below are a few benefits of a Triple Lumen vs Dual Lumen Catheter. • Eliminates the need for placement of an additional CVC for fluids and medication administration • Eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks for blood draws • Two items above help to increase patient satisfaction • Helps to preserve the peripheral veins for patients who may need a future graft/fistula when PICC/Midline is not used with a DL Cath • Helps to reduce cost of additional lines being placed • Only one line to maintain • Only one line that could become infected vs two lines