FSX-1101 Pulse Oximeter Simulator


The FSX-1101 is a digital SPO2 simulator with many features, including a LIFETIME Warranty*. It is small and light weight, yet very powerful. It has a bright, 2.4” color touchscreen that, coupled with an intuitive menu structure, allows easy access and viewing of all setup and function parameters. To make testing your SPO2 monitor easier and faster, the FSX-1101 has a set of factory presets. Need to do a more specific evaluation? There is a Manual Mode that allows individual control over each parameter only limited by the specific values that are available. The FSX-1101 is at the top of its class in performance and specifications. SPO2 (in %) is selectable from six values with 2% accuracy. Heart Rate (in BPM) is selectable from 10 values with 1% accuracy.