ESU-2350 Digital ESU Analyzer


New Product! The ESU-2350 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer is a high-accuracy, true RMS RF measurement system designed to be used in the calibration and routine performance verification of Electrosurgical Generators. It offers a higher degree of accuracy than previously attainable with conventional Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer designs. The ESU-2350 provides an internal load bank with a range of 0 to 5500 Ω in 5 Ω increments. It is microprocessor based and utilizes a combination of unique hardware and software to provide accurate and reliable test results, even from “noisy” Electrosurgical Generator wave-forms such as “Spray”. The DFA 2™ Technology utilized in the ESU-2350 allows the system to aggressively digitize the RF waveforms produced by Elec