EOGas 4 Sterilization System

Microbial Sensitivity Systems and Accessories

Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. · E28


The FDA-cleared, temperature-controlled EOGas 4 features four cycles with active aeration in the same cabinet - the fastest being just 3.5 hours at 122°F (50°C) - all delivering 10-6 SAL. Turn-around time for delicate medical items has never been this fast! This is also the only sterilizer available that can deliver a 10-6 SAL at 86°F (30°C), in a 12-hour cycle. The EOGas 4 cabinet along with Andersen's bag and cartridge technology maximizes gas efficiency and minimizes gas usage - only 17.6g of gas per cycle - 90% less than any other system on the market. Suitable for a high-volume practice, hospital or medical device manufacturer. FDA cleared for human use. Features: SAFE MICRO-DOSE gas ampoule system - each sterilization load uses 17.6g of EO Gentle sterilization - no steam, no deep vacuum Unmatched sterilization compatibility to sterilize a wide range of delicate instruments, plastic, sharps and other items that would degrade in your autoclave Sterilization and aeration in the same cabinet Powerful ventilation and purge pumps Digital display tracks cycle progress Low cost to purchase and per cycle 4 cycles to choose from, including 3.5 sterilization and aeration cycle Interior dimensions: 25.25"L x 18"W x 14" H/ 107 l capacity FREE training for the life of the sterilizer FREE 24/7 support Easy installation & maintenance Optional emissions abator available to comply with local EO emissions requirements Ideal For: Administration Sets Arthroscopes & Laparoscopes Biopsy & Grasping Forceps Bottles Catheters Cautery Cords & Tips  Clothes  Defibrillator Leads & Paddles Dermal Punches Drill Pieces TPLO Saws Endotracheal Tubes Flexible Endoscopes Instruments Light Guide Cables Gloves Vet Wrap Needles  Ophthalmic Instruments Otoscopes  Respirators Surgical Staplers Syringes Tubing Video Endoscopy Cameras

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