Imaging Discovery 5000

Functional Diagnostics (ECG, EEG, EMG, TCD, PSG, TMS etc)



With cutting edge technology and high performance, this system becomes a reliable partner in the OR for a vast range of surgeries. Professional diagnostic and treatment platform delivers the optical performance for wider application. • Pain management • Orthopedics • Urology surgery • Spinal surgery • Abdominal surgery • Digestive department • Gynecology IMAGE ACQUISITION SYSTEM • Discovery 5000 adopts mega pixels imaging chain technology, optimal design and configuration. M edical use monochrome support the 1280*1024 pixel array spatial resolution. The acquisition system of 12 bit, 4096 gray scale, quadruple of 10bit, 1024 gray scale. EFFECTIVE GUARANTEE OF IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM Discovery 5000 equipped with specialized workstation which has powerful image processing function. • Workstation has the function of fluoroscopy storage, operator can capture and store statistic and dynamic image to minimize the need for repeat exposure. • Mass capacity digital storage, Images from spot film and fluoroscopy are both lossless stored in digital format. Doctors can edit and share the images any time they need. • Versatile professional measuring functions, providing comprehensive software system for the interventions. INTELLIGENT AND HUMANIZED CONTROL SYSTEM ENSURE THE SMOOTH OF DIAGNOSIS Dosage control and intelligent work mode • Instant switch between dose mode and low dose mode. • Humanized LCD touch screen and accurate APR parameter setting allow the easy and fast operation during surgery. ©
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