Anesthesia Lenio 7000

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The minimum tidal volume down to 5ml, the first one in USA • Incredible Digital Proportional Valve , imported from NORGREN • Closed-loop control and real-time feedback • Automatic tidal volume compensation technology, including fresh gas flow rate, system compliance and system leakage compensation • With calibration system, heating system and drainage system, the transducer is more accurate, with longer service life • A Wide range of clinical applications: It can be used on all kinds of complicated diseases form neonates to adults 7% high-precision sens • The majority of manufacturers only use one sensor to monitor aspiration, while Hosmed’s Anesthesia • Machine adopts high precision flow sensor to monitor both inspiration and aspiration at the same time with its accuracy reaches to 7%., guarantee monitoring accuracy and reliability Below to 65ml/min low breathing circuit leakage • Integrated design, more compact and light weighted • Compact and integrated breathing circuit, easy to install and sterilize • Leakage rate is less than 65ml/min; fully satisfy the requirement of the low flow rate anesthesia surgery and reduce environmental pollution
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