Coretests Covid-19 Neutralizing Ab Test


Intended Use] Covid-19 Neutralizing Ab Test is used for qualitative detection of the Neutralizing antibodies in patients who have recovered from  Novel Coronavi1us Pneumon1a or those who have been vaccinated. [Component]  Covid-19 Neutralizing Ab Test Cassette: 25 tests Sample Extraction Reagent: 0.3ml /vial×25 vial Sterilized Swab: 25 Extraction Tube: 25 Dropper Tip: 25 Package Insert: 1  [Storage Conditions and Validity] Store at 2-30℃ for 24 months, store in a dry and cool place. The Covid-19 Neutralizing Ab Test Cassette should be used within 1h when taken out from aluminum foil bag. The Sample Extraction Reagent can be stored for 1 month after opening. [Warnings and Precautions] For in vitro diagnostic use only. For healthcare professionals and professionals at point of care sites. Do not use this product as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV--2 infection or to inform infection status of Covid-19. Do not use after the expiration date. Please read all the information in this leaflet before performing the test. The test cassette should remain in the sealed pouch until use. All specimens should be considered potentially hazardous and handled in the same manner as an infectious agent. The used test cassette should be discarded according to federal, state and local regulations. [Specimen] Human serum/plasma and whole blood,  [Test Procedure] Read the instruction first prior to testing. Bring the pouched test  to room temperature prior to testing. Do not open the pouch until  ready to begin testing.  1. Remove the test from the sealed pouch. Lay it on a flat, clean  and dry surface.  2. Use the pipette provided to add 1 drop of specimen to the  sample well.  3. Unscrew and remove the top of buffer bottle and hold it vertically,  then add 2 drops of buffer (approximate 80ul-100ul)  to sample  well.  4. Read results in10-15 minutes   [Interpretation of results] Positive: Two lines appear. One colored line should be in the control region (C)