IN A WORLD OF WEB TECHNOLOGY, WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Some small businesses still handle their business process management manually using email, spreadsheets, and templates from platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and other DIY solutions. The problem is that this is inefficient and requires a lot of time from an entrepreneur or highly paid manager. While there’s no need to downplay the benefits of SaaS platforms (software as a service), they’re no substitute for custom software for serious businesses. When a company reaches a certain size, looking towards custom software development instead of SaaS integration and platforms is the only way forward. SaaS platforms are huge, complex, and built on outdated technology making them slow and not secure or easily connectable with newer applications. They are also expensive in the long term when the company needs more features, upgrades or simply more users to be trained. Lastly, you don't have a guarantee that the company will stay in business and they own your data. We've built custom business process management solutions with the latest stable technologies since 1997. Our solutions are built for our clients so they don’t have to adapt to the system. Our custom systems capture a company's needs, therefore the learning curve is minimal and the price is amazingly affordable. We are a family-owned company so our customers are not just a number. Support is personalized, and our clients don't have to submit a ticket and wait days to get an answer. When clients call they always have someone knowledgeable about their business on the line.