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Andersen EOGas 3 sterilizers combine the proven reliability of ethylene oxide (EO) with a unique delivery system that uses 10.5g of gas per cycle - 90%+ less gas than our competition. Ours is the most delicate sterilization system on the market and will not damage delicate items such as electronics, fiber optics, endoscopes, cameras or laptop computers. Compatible with plastic, rubber and cellulose. Ideal for sterilizing long lumens, heat- or moisture-sensitive materials, mated surfaces and intricate mechanisms. Fully validatable. • Operator may load new bags or unload finished bags while others are in process. • EOGas 310 runs up to 6 loads independently at any one time. • EOGas 333 runs up to 10 loads independently at any one time. • For multi-specialty or high-volume clinics that require a constant flow of sterilized instruments or industrial users scaling-up from R&D to bring a product to market. • EOGas 3 sterilizers use 35-liter liner bags and 10.5g EO cartridges. • Temperature-controlled cabinet - standard temp 122⁰F - custom cycles available. The EOGas 3 Series gives customers flexibility and capacity. Clinic-based customers appreciate the multi-load function while industrial customers find the system infinitely scalable. AN310 Free-standing sterilizer cabinet, extractor & sealer Interior: 23.5"L x 24.5"W* x 26.5"H Exterior: 26.5"L x 28.5"W* x 42"H Capacity: 10 cu ft Weight Cabinet: 285 lbs Weight Extractor: 75 lbs * without printer mounted High-capacity free-standing sterilizer cabinet, extractor & sealer Interior: 28.5"L x 31"W* x 64"H Exterior: 32"L x 35"W* x 81"H Capacity: 33 cu ft Weight Cabinet: 630 lbs * without printer mounted Both: Exhaust requirements: Dedicated 3” exhaust vent to the outside Power requirements: 220-240V +/- 10%, 5.4 Amps Weight Extractor: 75 lbs
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