Xtant OsteoSelect® Demineralized Bone Matrix Putty


OsteoSelect was engineered for superior performance. The graft does not adhere to gloves yet maintains its placement in the surgical environment. Osteoinductivity of sterile final product is assessed in vivo. In this challenging model, every lot tested to date has consistently demonstrated an osteoinductive response. This performance validates Xtant Medical’s expertise in DBM processing. OsteoSelect PLUS combines demineralized cortical chips (1-4mm) with the proven formulation of OsteoSelect DBM putty and eliminates the need for cumbersome intra-operative mixing. Utilizing demineralized instead of mineralized cortical chips ensures that the additional graft material does not diminish osteoinductivity. Indications include use as a standalone bone graft in spinal procedures Assured osteoinductivity via validated processing Equivalent to iliac crest autograft proven in a preclinical spinal fusion model* Cohesive handling that resists irrigation due to robust biocompatible carrier Patient safety ensured through terminal sterilization and viral inactivation